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GOP Poll Observer Reports Three Cases of Fraud at North Carolina Precinct

This email just came in to PJ Media. Reprinted in its entirety:

1. A man came in at 7:30 to vote. He correctly gave his name and address. When told that someone had given his name and already voted, he was upset. He said he had just gotten off his shift at work and come directly there to vote. Obviously, since he was at work, it could not have physically been him who cast the earlier vote.

2. An older woman (I think 87 years old) came in to cast her vote. The records showed that someone had requested, filled out and submitted an absentee ballot in her name. She was VERY upset and the Chief called down to BOE Headquarters. She later came back with her daughter/granddaughter and they made quite a fuss. Threatened to call the TV stations and announced that they had contacted someone who was apparently well connected to complain. They left without voting.

3. At about 10:00, we had a curbside request from an older woman who was so infirm, she could not make it into the polling place. When the worker looked up her name, it reflected that she had already voted earlier in the day. She also left without voting.

So, in a matter of 3 1/2 hours at as relatively slow precinct, we had three different cases of pretty obvious voter fraud. As if it needed to be pointed out to those silly Democrats who claim that voter ID laws disenfranchise poor or minority voters, all three of these victims of fraud were black voters.