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How Will The Mainstream Media Cover President Romney? Hint: Remember George W. Bush?

What prominent institution did everything it could to make George W. Bush a failed president?

If your answer is the mainstream media (MSM) you would be correct.

The MSM was shocked shocked when Bush won reelection in 2004 and they were not going to cut him any slack whatsoever about anything good or bad that was happening in our nation at the time.

Remember what Senator John Kerry famously said about President Bush during the 2004 presidential campaign, “I can not believe I am losing to this idiot.”

All the MSM agreed, and so their mantra was: Bush is a stupid warmonger, totally out of his league — the economy sucks — he is running up the deficits and unemployment at 5.4% is way too high.

So now if Romney defeats Obama, look for a new MSM attitude that sounds something like this:  “We can’t believe we couldn’t keep Obama  in the White House after we put him there, so now let’s do everything we can to make Romney a one-term president”

With that thought in mind, here are just a few MSM news stories that you should prepare yourself to hear repeatedly over the next four years, starting on Wednesday, November 7th.

  • There are 46 million Americans on food stamps.  (Headline every other day.)
  • The unemployment rate for African Americans is 14.3% and 10% for Hispanics. (Romney is just a rich white guy who does not care about people of color.)
  • The national unemployment rate is 7.9% (But since we all know the rate is really around 15%, why don’t we just start saying 15% is the official rate?)
  • Our national deficit is now over $16 trillion and out of control. (OMG, when did that happen? Could it have been during the Democratic National Convention this summer? Oh well, we ignored that, but now let’s make sure every American knows how to write out $16,000,000,000 and truly understands what this number means for our national future.)
  • The liberal agenda and policies of President Obama were not defeated. (This election just reflects the normal ebb and flow of American politics.)
  • Job creation and general economic improvement has improved dramatically since Romney was elected president.  (Romney is the beneficiary of the economic momentum started by Obama. Yes, yes, all hands on deck for this one!)
  • Hillary in 2016.  (Yippee!  Now we must all coordinate our talking points and band together to make President Romney a one-termer who only cares about big business, big oil, big defense, big pharma, and ignores the plight of all minorities, and the poor. Let’s get crackin’ because the 2016 race for the White House starts today!)





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