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Joe Biden on the Trail: 'Are You Indian?' Man Replies: 'American!'

You know how you can tell that the campaign is back in full swing? Joe Biden opens his mouth and stupid falls out.

According to the pool report, a man came up to Biden as he was greeting patrons shouting, “You’ve got to get a picture with some guys!”

Biden turned to the group of guys, then, according to the pool report, Biden asked one of them, “Are you Indian?”

“American!” the man responded.

“No, I mean first generation,” Biden replied, “with the further explanation of what he was saying being inaudible to the pool.”

Biden probably marveled at the man’s cleanliness and articulation, before asking which convenience store he works at. Because, despite the media giving him a pass because he’s a Democrat, Biden tends to make racial remarks. Plus, this is how Democrats think. They want to put everyone in a racial box, and then divide and conquer. They’re surprised to learn that people would prefer to be called American without hyphens.