Tea Party Patriots Appeal to Undecideds with Devasting Obamacare Exposé

There is little doubt that many incumbent politicians would love for the Supreme Court ruling upholding much of ObamaCare to deprive the Tea Party movement of its bedrock issue. Yet, the bulk of ObamaCare has yet to be implemented. Governor Mitt Romney has promised to repeal it if elected president, and the stakes remain the difference between life and death.


Tea Party Patriots has produced an exhaustive video exposé taking viewers through the process which produced ObamaCare, warning of its unjust and deadly consequences. Beginning at the issue’s root, the competing medical philosophies of the life-affirming Hippocrates and the statist Plato, The Determinators offers a brief history of medical politics and relives the constitutional trauma inflicted upon the American republic by the Obama administration and their Democratic allies in Congress. The film presents a stark choice between the value of individual lives and the value of the state for its own sake. At a running time of 58 minutes, it delivers an impressive amount of content in a concise package which compels a personal response.

The film is based upon the book The Battle for America’s Soul authored by Dr. C.L. Gray, who also narrates. Tea Party Patriots has mailed DVDs of the film to undecided voters in swing states, and has now made the film available to view in its entirety on YouTube (embedded above). They are asking for help in distributing the film to as many voters as possible before November 6th


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