The Single Best Take on Obama Yet!

Do not miss Matt Continetti’s absolutely superb and essential analysis of what makes Obama tick. You’ll find it here. The following paragraph appears towards the end of his essay:


The Obama coalition, piece by piece, has been disassembled. All that remains is the antiwar, anti-Republican core of the Democratic Party. There are more registered Democrats than Republicans, so Obama could still squeak out a second term. But he has forsaken independents and whites, the groups that swung to him definitively and significantly in 2008. He is losing independents, in some polls by double-digits. His opponent Mitt Romney is “winning the white vote by more than any GOP candidate since Ronald Reagan,” according to the Washington Post. If the 2012 electorate resembles the 2008 one, it is possible for Obama to win reelection. But if the electorate turns out to be more like the electorate in 2004 or, God help him, like in 2010, Obama will lose.

So if you want to know a brief history of Obama, who as Continetti writes is unmasked “not as a Kenyan Marxist, but as a thoroughly typical liberal Democrat who believes there is no trouble in the world not created by George W. Bush,” read his entire article. And make sure you pass it on to your liberal and leftist friends!


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