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Romney Campaign Hauls in Well Over $100 Million in First Half of October

The Romney campaign is justifiably crowing about its October fundraising numbers. According to a campaign press release, the combined Romney and RNC campaigns brought in over $111.8 million dollars in donations from Oct 1 through Oct 17.

“Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are offering a vision for the country that will finally bring a real recovery to the American people. Their plan will bring much needed change after the last four years and it is why we have seen such momentum and strong support from our donors. There are less than two weeks left, but we still have much hard work to do to ensure that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan win in November and bring real change to Washington.”

“President Obama is running a smaller and smaller campaign as we approach Election Day,” said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. “Instead of offering a vision for how to help the middle class, he is only offering the same ideas and policies that led to the last four years of falling incomes, higher debt, and more government dependency. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are offering a pro-growth agenda and a different course than the President. In less than two weeks, the American people will choose the Romney-Ryan ticket so that our country can finally get back on the right track.”

The campaign notes that over 91% of its donations during this period were under $250, indicating strong grassroots support. The campaign says it also has nearly $170 million in cash on hand with just two weeks to go in the campaign.