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Obama Releases Second Term Agenda Booklet/Stage Prop

Today, bowing to pressure to explain what he would do with a second term, President Obama released a policy booklet. There is literally nothing new in it according to CNN’s Jessica Yellen.

YELLEN: He has put this out before, he’s never put it out in a booklet like this.

Alrighty then. The man who wrote two autobiographies before he’d done anything meaningful pops out a thin little booklet of warmed-over policies he has already offered, to explain what he would do if given four more years in the presidency.

Does the Obama booklet contain any new policies, or promise anything different from the last four years? No. Nada. Nothing new. Apparently Obama thought he got it all right the first time.

The point of the book wasn’t the words within it, by the way. The point of the book was to give Obama and his surrogates a stage prop.

Obama planned to unveil the booklet, “The New Economic Patriotism: A PLAN FOR JOBS & MIDDLE-CLASS SECURITY,” at an event in Delray Tennis Center in Delray, Fla.

The president, Vice President Joe Biden and other campaign surrogates plan to hold up the booklet at rallies as they barnstorm swing states in the final two weeks before Election Day on Nov. 6.

“The president, vice president and all of our surrogates will hold up the plan at events and ask our massive grass-roots network to do everything they can to share the plan with their family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and others…

The Obama campaign is printing 3.5 million of these booklets, killing a lot of trees just to win a news cycle and get critics off the president’s back.

The bottom line is that the president still has no publicly available plan to do anything useful with another term. We’re two weeks away from the election. You’d think he would have done his homework by now.

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