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Irish Bookmaker Puts Odds on POTUS Race, Trump Announcement

Forget pollster after pollster – what do the bookies across the pond have to say about the odds two weeks from today?

Irish betting site Paddy Power has President Obama at 2/5 odds to win re-election and Mitt Romney at 15/8 odds.

There’s also a betting line for Obama’s electoral college votes: Right now, the odds are 5/6 for both bets, under 290.5 electoral votes and over.

If bettors plunk down some cash on Obama and Romney each getting the same number of electoral votes, there’s a 33/1 return.

Odds are 100/1 for any party other than the Democrats or GOP to win.

Paddy Power also has a state-by-state breakdown. It’s 1/200 odds that the Democrats win the District of Columbia, and 1/80 that Republicans win Oklahoma.

The odds on Ohio? For Democrats, 2/5; for Republicans, 7/4.

Odds are 10/1 that Romney won’t take any swing states. It’s 6/1 that he’ll take Colorado, Nevada, Florida, New Hampshire, Ohio, Virginia, and North Carolina.

And the odds on Donald Trump’s big announcement?

  • Obama is not an American: 2/5
  • Trump to fire an Obama impersonator: 4/1
  • Evidence of illegal drug use by Obama: 8/1
  • Trump to endorse Obama: 8/1
  • Obama to guest on Celebrity Apprentice: 50/1
  • Obama to be given honorary membership of Trump International Golf Links 75/1
  • Obama is an alien 250/1
  • Obama to host Apprentice if Romney takes White House 250/1
  • Obama knows the moon landing was staged 250/1
  • Trump “I’m your father” Obama 500/1
  • Obama wears a wig 500/1