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A Prediction for Tonight's Debate

I think a lot of people misread the second debate, especially when President Obama and Candy Crowley together pushed the notion that Obama actually called Benghazi a terrorist attack.

Remember what Romney’s exact response was? An incredulous look, and repeated questioning to establish, “on the record”, that Obama was claiming he had indeed called it, and treated it, as terrorism from the first, and not a spontaneous demonstration that got out of hand.

I’m stealing a trope from someone I would credit if I remembered who it was. I don’t think Romney is a debater. I don’t think he’s at heart a politician of the glad-handing double-talking sort that seems to gravitate to the Senate especially.

I think he’s a predator. A predator doesn’t relish a fight with its prey. Oh, a well fed housecat may play with a mouse for a little while, for fun and for practice, or to teach a kitten, but when the time comes it’s not a long fight — the cat dispatches the mouse. A lioness doesn’t want to fight with an impala, and possibly get gored — she finds her time and makes the efficient killing stroke to the spine and brainstem.

So here’s the situation tonight: the Benghazi incident has been in the news now for a solid week, and Obama’s claims have been debunked by pretty much everyone except for a few partisans. It will be on everyone’s mind from the minute the debate starts, and it has got to be one of the questions.

I think, when it is, we’ll see that Romney has all the dates and times in his head, ready to go.

My prediction is that when the question does come up, Romney will be loaded for bear.

Update: Via a comment from SJH, here’s the American Thinker article I was remembering.