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Romney/Ryan Signs Spotted in LA

I have been in LA for a few weeks and I have spotted what I thought would have been extinct here: Romney/Ryan signs. A while back, I wrote a post stating that people should not be afraid and should put Romney/ Ryan bumper stickers on their cars to show support. Some commenters felt it wasn’t safe in areas like California but people here don’t seem to give a flip.  Some are proudly displaying their support for Romney/Ryan.

I went out to eat and saw Romney signs on cars. I went to the grocery store and there were more bumper stickers for Romney/Ryan. We were driving down the street and one car was plastered with Romney/Ryan signs all over the sides and top of the car and the driver looked nonchalant. No one bothered him. Today, we were driving in a nice area in Santa Monica and a house we passed proudly had two signs in the yard. I don’t know if this means anything about the outcome of the election (I hope it does) but it says one thing for sure. Some Californians have guts and aren’t going to let the fear of vandalism stop them from expressing their choice for President. I hope people in other states follow suit.