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What is Vice President Biden Thinking? - New Photo Caption Contest

This photo from last week’s VP debate was so awesome that the Drudge Report posted it the next day, which means it qualifies for a Tatler Photo Caption Contest.

So go for it all you over- caffeinated creative types who have been chomping at the bit waiting for our latest contest.

Here is your chance to get inside the head of Joe Biden. What was he really thinking the moment this photo was taken?

To start things off here is my entry:

Hey God…. seriously man…. could use some help…. who’s your bro?  

I know, I know, lame and slightly blasphemous, but my entry is only meant to whet your appetites and point you in the right direction.

Now, as usual, the winner will receive priceless PR in a future post and the famous Dr. Spin will know your name. (Only the best prizes for our contest winners!)

Of course you can only win if you obey the contest rules, which everyone knows by now are, “be nice and stay classy because the media is watching.”

But rules are made to be broken and considering this is a caption contest of our not-so-esteemed Vice President, I may allow just a few exceptions.

Good luck and try to stay somewhat classy because for now, Ol’ Joe is still only a heart-beat away – God help us.