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White House Divides, Does Damage Control on Biden's Benghazi Comments

The vice president does not speak for everyone at the top of the Obama administration now, according to a post at Foreign Policy.

Biden has come under fire for saying at Thursday night’s debate, “We weren’t told they wanted more security. We did not know they wanted more security there.”

The Cable asked Deputy National Security Advisor for Communications Ben Rhodes whether Biden was speaking for the entire Obama administration, including the State Department, which acknowledged receiving multiple requests for more Libya security in the months before the attacks. Rhodes said that Biden speaks only for himself and the president and neither of them knew about the requests at the time.

The Cable asked “Who does Biden mean by ‘we’?” and got the answer: Only himself and the president, conveniently protecting the president while leaving others open to questioning.

Fair enough. Does this mean that Secretary of State Clinton and Ambassador Rice did know about the requests? Ordinarily the US ambassador to the UN would not be included in a question at this level, but Obama has elevated that post to cabinet level, and Rice took the lead in building the false case that a movie caused the deadly attack. Well, she either took the lead or was handed the lead.

At this point, Obama may be deciding which of the two — Clinton or Rice — takes the fall for Benghazigate. At this point, a very big scalp will have to be offered to get the press to back off. Clinton’s is the larger but also the more dangerous to go after.

Clinton has gone quiet, while Rice is content to tweet about advancements for LGBT rights in the UN general assembly and chide Iran for the “arbitrary application” of its blasphemy laws.

America doesn’t even have blasphemy laws, but tell me again, why is that filmmaker in a US jail?

More: By the way, it’s entirely plausible that Biden and Obama did not know about the security requests. Where would either have learned of them? Obama had not been attending most of his Presidential Daily Briefings in the months leading up to the 9-11-12 attacks, and especially in the week before the attack.