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Winner of 'Mommy, My Generation Is So Screwed If This Man Loses' (Photo Caption Contest)

Once again, PJ Tatler readers have surpassed my expectations and submitted some hilarious captions for this contest photo taken last week on the campaign trail in Virginia.

The high creativity quotient of the captions made it difficult to choose a winner — so once again my good friend the “world famous spin doctor to celebrities, rock stars, presidents, and the 1%” – stepped in to judge.

This was his winning caption:

He told me that Obama isn’t Santa Claus!  Submitted by Ed

Congratulations Ed!  But because this is MY contest, I am officially overruling  Dr. Spin and instead this caption will be the official contest winner:

Mitt Romney practices hearing a crybaby before dealing with another one at the debates. Submitted by Chris Henderson

(Chris, why is it that you land in the winner’s circle for practically every Tatler Photo Caption Contest?  Please reveal your secret in the comments section.)

Now, we also had numerous captions that deserve very honorable mentions.

Mommy, Mommy! Vote for Romney! I just need to be changed, not “fundamentally transformed.”   Submitted by GDI

“All I said was he was already as smart as Joe Biden”  Submitted by cfbleachers  (another perennial Caption Contest winner)

Give this kid some Hope… and a Change.  Submitted by Fail Burton

Mommy, mommy this man said he didn’t want to pay for Sandra Fluke’s birth control.  Submitted by rbi

And finally, because this is a “fair and balanced” Photo Caption Contest here are two dishonorable mentions from enemy infiltrators:

Here you go, you’ll enjoy the drive more from the roof rack.  Submitted by Bears paw

“There, there, sweetie. He wasn’t including you in the 47%.”

Submitted by RockThisTown

Thanks to all who played along (even the enemy infiltrators) and special thanks to Dr. Spin (who judged our important contest from somewhere fabulous) and we will see you next time a photo is worthy of a Tatler Photo Caption Contest.