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Reid: Tax Haven Report Proves Romney is Being Shady About Taxes

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) today seized on a New York Times report about the GOP presidential candidate’s offshore holdings as proof that “nothing Mitt Romney says about taxes can be taken at face value.”

“Instead of owning up to his use of secret offshore tax havens in places like Bermuda and Switzerland to enrich himself, Mitt Romney parsed words to try and convince the American people that he did not benefit from these havens – when in fact, he appears to have made millions from them over the course of his career,” Reid said.

The Times article said “a review of thousands of pages of financial documents and interviews with tax lawyers found that in some cases, the offshore arrangements enabled his individual retirement account to avoid taxes on its investments and may well have reduced Mr. Romney’s personal income tax bills.”

“This is the same pattern we have seen from Mitt Romney when it comes to his tax plan: instead of respecting the American people’s intelligence by offering facts and straight answers, he and Paul Ryan have offered nothing but evasion, dissembling and half-answers,” Reid said.

He also returned to some familiar territory.

“Mitt Romney could clear up these issues tomorrow if he would simply release his tax returns and release the details of his tax plan,” Reid said. “Instead, he’s asking the American people to just trust him. Mitt Romney does not seem to understand that trust is earned – and not by playing shell games with the American people.”