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Winner of 'Romney Winning 301 Electoral Votes Projected by Polling Data' - Photo Caption Contest

Seriously folks, someone had to help me off the floor because I was laughing so hard after reading all these submissions to our latest PJ Tatler – Photo Caption Contest.  If you missed it, click here for a guaranteed good time.

As expected, I received numerous emails and calls from friends “who side with the enemy,” accusing me of drinking, doing drugs, fantasizing, gone wacko and this one:

 I would forward your map on to Chuck Todd, who is a leading expert on the polling….but it would be an embarrassment to me…and in like…to you. What is scary is that you actually believe this stuff (kind word) you produce.   (Name withheld – next to a smiley face which proves he still loves me!)

But who cares what they say, we had fun didn’t we?

To determine the winner, I consulted a friend who is a “world famous spin doctor to the 1%” (my friends have bizarre skill sets) and since he was too busy being a “world famous spin doctor to the 1%,” ignored my immediate pleas for help and I was forced to judge alone.

So here are the results of the Me, Myself and I expert panel of judges.

 Pauline Kael still doesn’t know anyone who voted for Romney.  Submitted by Chris Henderson

(Google the Pauline Kael reference to Nixon if you don’t understand)

 “Darn it. I just can’t be defeated, or Romney will spend the next four years blaming me for the economy.   Submitted by gagblue

 I was blue until I red this map.  Submitted by Raoul Magneto

 A bitter clinging to guns & religion.  Submitted by RockThisTown

 Obama quakes in Mideast cause landslide in US.  Submitted by cfbleachers

 Caption: Axelrod to Obama: ” We’re skewed!”   Submitted by Visforvoter

 And the two GRAND PRIZE WINNERS (because it was impossible to pick just one) are:

His march Forward is blocked by a Red Sea, try and part this one oh chosen one.  Submitted by Independent Thinker (IT)

 “Plouffe, the magic’s draggin’ !”   Submitted by cfbleachers  (A contest regular with amazing talent.)

Thanks to all who played along and we look forward to hearing from you next time a photo or image is worthy of a Tatler Photo Caption Contest.