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Madonna Gives Two Reasons to Defeat Barack Obama

Madonna has to top the list of people I care least about. The former pop star has built a career off of mostly bad music, B movies, and doing more to be “shocking” with each passing year, never realizing that her shock schtick got boring circa 1989. Now she wants the world to know that she wants to re-elect Obama. Big whoop.

Madonna offered a profanity-laced endorsement of President Obama at her concert Monday night, which involved the singer stripping down to her underwear to reveal the president’s name written on her body.

“You all better vote for f—ing Obama okay,” she told the crowd at Washington’s Verizon center.

Later in the show, Madonna took off her shirt and pulled down her pants to show she had “OBAMA” written in all capital letters across her lower back.

“When Obama is in the White House for a second term I’ll take it all off,” she said to cheers and whistles from the audience.

Newsflash for Madge: Everyone who wanted to see her naked saw it all 20 years ago. It’s unlikely anything has improved since then.

So there’s two reasons right there to vote for Romney: Obnoxious pop tart Madonna favors Obama, and she’ll keep her clothes on if he loses. For a bonus reason, if that tattoo is real then she has a lifetime of carrying around a bitter reminder of defeat ahead of her.