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What in the World is Going on in Benghazi?

CBS reported this morning that, contrary to previous reports, the FBI hasn’t even secured the consulate compound yet.

AG Eric Holder announced that the FBI would lead the investigation back on Sept. 13.

The FBI was supposed to go in (without much if any military escort) and investigate what happened during the Sept. 11 attack that left four Americans dead. Closing in on two weeks later, they haven’t even secured the compound yet. With journalists and just about anyone else who wants to able to traipse around and through the place, the evidence will probably end up contaminated to the point of uselessness.

The Obama administration could have secured the area by now if it chose to. But from the beginning and especially in the immediate aftermath, it has chosen to project a weak posture. It sent the FBI instead of military investigators (the Air Force, for one, has an Office of Special Investigations that rivals any law enforcement agency for its efficiency and capabilities), and parked a destroyer rather than an amphibious aircraft carrier full of Marines and close attack aircraft off the coast of Libya.

From a tactical point of view, it’s obvious that the Obama administration was not serious about security before the attack, was not serious about being straight with the American people in the immediate aftermath, and it still not serious about investigating the attack now.

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