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Obama Campaign Replaces the Stars on the American Flag with...Obama's Logo

With this redesign of the American flag, Barack Obama is literally saying “The state, it is I.”

Or rather, “The states, they are I” since he has replaced the stars that represent the states with his own logo. The design also mutes the red stripes, which represent the valor exemplified by patriots in America’s defense. The design does more than suggest America should be a muted force in the world, it says so out loud. It places Obama the man superior to the 50 sovereign states and to the nation’s history of fighting for and winning freedom throughout the world.

It’s a sign that the Obama campaign is embarrassed on America’s behalf. It’s the flag of a regime, not an administration or campaign.

The Obama campaign’s desecration of the American flag comes at an auspicious time. Terrorists in Cairo desecrated the American flag on 9-11 last week.

During the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi on the same day, the Americans murdered there left streaks of their own blood on the walls as their murderers pulled them out and killed them.

It is far from a leap to see a similarity between those blood-streaked walls and the regime’s new flag.

Exit question: Would Obama friend Bill Ayers tread on Barack Obama’s new flag?

Update: Actress Jessica Alba pledges allegiance to Obama.

Replace unifying national symbols with personal or party symbols. Pledge fealty to a man, not the nation. This is how dictatorships start.

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