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Trump: Romney Has to be 'Very Smart' and 'Very Nasty' Now

Donald Trump continued the news show circuit in defense of Mitt Romney last night, telling CNN’s Piers Morgan that the GOP presidential nominee “is going to have to be both very smart, which he is, and very nasty, which frankly, he’s not.”

“And he’s got to get that way because they are coming at him with all barrels loaded and he’s going to have to get that way and very quickly, in my opinion,” Trump said.

“When I see what happened with, as an example, the memo or the statement that he made having to do with Libya, and having to do with other things, having to do with Egypt, and he’s getting blamed for all this, it’s incredible. He has nothing to do with it.”

The business magnate maintains that Romney should not apologize for his comments about the 47 percent caught on secret camera at a high-roller donors’ affair, calling the number of people who don’t pay taxes “really a discussion and a debate and it has to go forward.”

Trump said he’d spoken to Romney since Mother Jones posted the tapes, and said the candidate is doing “fine.”

“Where they pretty surreptitiously taped him — I mean, it was pretty bad what they did. But he should never apologize. Actually, bring on the discussion. Maybe it’s time to bring on this discussion. He should not apologize! And he shouldn’t even come close to apologizing,” Trump said on Fox last night.

“He should talk about it. Everybody should talk about it. And by the way, he’s not going to get those votes anyway. But he should be talking about it and not apologizing.”