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Taliban Try to Stoke Flames by Saying Washington Behind 'Innocence of Muslims'

The Taliban today advised all religious scholars in Afghanistan “to fully inform the masses about such barbaric acts of America in their sermons and to prepare them for a lengthy struggle” in the wake of the “Innocence of Muslims” film.

“The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan condemns with the strongest of words insult towards the great Prophet of Islam, Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (SAW), perpetrated in a screening in an American cinema with the authorization of its government,” the Taliban said in an English-language statement. “…Such revolting actions are not acts of individuals but rather are activities done with the approval or even directly by the government.”

The low-budget film screened once for a handful of people in June at The Vine Theater on Hollywood Boulevard.

“We, as the staunch defenders of Islam, make it very clear to the American regime as well as its rebellious transgressing individuals that such actions will not bring you any closer to your malicious goals but vice-versa; it shall further unveil the true satanic face of your government especially to the Muslims and will drive the Muslim world to communally respond with an appropriate reaction,” the Taliban warned.

“The bestial natured America has violated the religious, ideological, national and cultural sanctums of various countries and nations in its dark history and has allowed such irresponsible acts to flourish in its country therefore the international community and specifically the Muslim nations and countries should join hands and create an unbreakable alliance against this common enemy in order quickly respond to these evil elements with an appropriate and stern reaction and to contain these gross offences.”