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ObamaCare is Like The Cheesecake Factory? Seriously?

I think by now everyone knows about all of the problems with ObamaCare. How it costs too much. How we’ll lose our doctors. How there will be long waits to see any doctor.

I could keep going. Then there are all those articles from the mainstream media about how great ObamaCare is. How it will save us money. How there will be equal access to any doctor.

How every one will be treated the same. God Bless the government and its infinite wisdom. There are even doctors who believe in the dream. One in particular, Dr. Atul Gawande, believes that medicine should be run like The Cheesecake Factory restaurants. I kid you not. Dr. Gawande is a big ObamaCare supporter and has written for many mainstream outlets. Co-incidentally (or not), he’s not in private practice. Getting back to The Cheesecake Factory. I love the plain New York-style cheese cake with real graham cracker crust. However, half the time I have to ask the server to please get me a clean fork or spoon. On many occasions, I have to return a dish, because I wanted the salad dressing on the side, not tossed. All of this after waiting 45 minutes for a table, because they don’t take reservations. Yet Dr. Gawande wants our health care system to be modeled after The Cheesecake Factory. That’s right, I want my open heart surgery as my main course, but I’d like to start with a salad, clean fork please…..cheesecake for desert? It’s absolutely mind boggling to think that intelligent people took his article seriously and he himself believes what he says.

This brings me to the question, why is there anyone who still likes ObamaCare? They can’t be talking about the same program that I am. Take the IPAB, or the Independent Payment Advisory Board. Who in their right mind would let 15 still anonymous individuals dictate who lives and who dies? That’s exactly what they will be doing.He who pays…decides who lives. To make matters worse, these won’t be practicing physicians, but policy wonks who don’t even know what end of the stethoscope to put in their ears. This unelected, presidentially appointed panel will make decisions that will affect 16% of the U.S. economy! This is pure “statism” at its simplest and pure “socialism” at its worst. One should read “The Commanding Heights” by Daniel Yergin to get a glimpse of a centralized command structure that was and still is used by socialist and communist countries. The answer to all of these questions come from non other than Ezzekiel Emanuel, the architect of ObamaCare and brother of Chicago’s current mayor. He once said that physicians should change the oath we take when we become a doctor. Right now, we either take the Hippocratic Oath or the Oath of Maimonides. Dr Emmanuel’s belief is that the new physicians should take an oath of allegiance to the health of the state, not the patient. This would then trickle down as equal health care for all. I suppose he feels that if the state is healthy then too will all its people be. This is the antithesis of the oath we take now, which is basically an oath of allegiance to the health of our individual patient. I am my patients champion, not the states. There is a line in the Oath of Maimonides, which says the following…”when fools deride me, give me strength”.

We have an ideological paradigm, we are at the precipice……… God give me strength.