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Lies, Damn Lies and Fake Statistics

This banner which is entitled “Return to Chastity” (in red on top of the sign) and hung in areas of Iran reads:

Findings by researchers from the IG Research Group based in the heart of New York shows that contrary to their predecessors from previous generation, today’s New York girls even prefer to cover up and not show off as much. — Signed: The Bandar’eh Anzali Basij Resistance Forces (Hezbollah Auxiliary Militia)

Now, I have searched high and low for this fictitious IG Research Group that is based in New York City (and I live in NYC) and there is NO such group and if there is, it neither has a website by the name of the IG Research Group or anything else, nor is it listed with the NY State Corporations and Non-Profits bureau, and finally, it is not listed in any of the NY City or NY State phone listings. As you see friends, the Iranian regime makes it up as it goes along.

But in a world where Lebanese tattooed girls supporting Hezbollah (left) walk around with their tramp stamps hanging out, I’m thinking that the Iranian regime’s hoping no one sees what kinds of women really support them.