Illinois Governor: Romney 'Pretty Extreme' for Not Releasing More Tax Returns

This morning on CNN, the governor of Illinois called GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney “pretty extreme” for not disclosing more years of his tax returns.


But Pat Quinn has been under fire himself for things he said at the Democratic National Convention this week.

“Mitt Romney and Congressman Ryan want to take away the promise that makes Medicare, Medicare. They want to give seniors a voucher that caps what Medicare will cover and then tell our seniors they are on their own for what’s left. That would cost their seniors thousand dollars every year. And if they don’t have the money, it could cost our seniors their lives,” Quinn said on the opening day of the gathering.

“There’s something else the Republicans left out of their convention: any explanation of why they call Mitt Romney ‘Governor Romney,'” Quinn also said. “We already knew this extremely conservative man takes some pretty liberal deductions. Evidently that includes writing off all four years he served as Governor of Massachusetts.”


The Republican National Committee said Quinn “is in no place to lecture anybody about extreme policies.”

“I think you’re pretty extreme if you don’t disclose your income tax returns. George Romney, who was the father of Mitt Romney, when he ran for president he disclosed years and years of tax returns,” Quinn responded on CNN.

Of Obama’s speech last night, the governor said, “I think he said last night our job is to bring the troops home from Afghanistan by the end of 2014 and use the savings that we have to invest in job creation, manufacturing especially.”



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