Longtime Clinton Foe Says Former President May Have Handed Obama the Win

A longtime opponent of Bill Clinton accused Republicans of “cowardice” that allowed the former president to roar back with a vengeance at the Democratic National Convention last night in a performance that could cost Mitt Romney the election.


“In the late 1990s, Republicans in Congress sought to impeach Clinton, but only for the Lewinsky scandal, which paled in comparison to the president’s treason. The goal of the Republicans was only to wound Clinton in time for the 2000 presidential elections, so they did not want to convict him in the Senate,” said Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch.

“Now, 13 years later, Clinton has risen from the politically and legally dead and come back with a vengeance, fully ‘rehabilitated,’ to deliver crushing blows to the Republicans at the DNC convention. While his recitation of President Obama’s accomplishments was largely false, his presentation was powerful and will likely help serve, with the aid of the mainstream media, to defeat Republican candidate Mitt Romney in this fall’s presidential election.”


Klayman’s then-firm filed 18 civil lawsuits against the administration during Clinton’s term.

“The cowardice and establishment games of the Republicans in failing to hold Clinton to the rule of law is just one reason why the nation has lost respect for them and why they lose elections,” Klayman blasted. “And, with a president, Barack Obama, as corrupt as Clinton now in The White House, and with an opposition Republican Party that lacks conviction, plays games and can’t shoot straight, it is no wonder that the country is on the verge of revolution.”



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