ABC/WaPo Poll: Obama is Underwater, Romney Gains -- With Women

A new ABC News/Washington Post poll finds that President Obama’s favorability rating is declining just as his party meets in Charlotte to nominate him for a second presidential term. According to the poll, the president comes into his party’s convention with the “lowest personal popularity of an incumbent president in ABC News/Washington Post polls since the 1980s.” The poll also finds that Obama is losing women voters.


Only 47 percent of registered voters now view Barack Obama favorably, which is down 7 points from April, and 49 percent now view him unfavorably.

Most ominously for the president, his decline has “occurred entirely among women registered voters” according to the poll, from a 57-39 positive gap in April to 46-50 negative gap now. Coming on the heels of the Democrats’ “war on women,” the gap points to that gambit’s total failure. The Democrats intend to play up the “war on women” in Charlotte this week, by giving Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke a prominent speaking role.

The poll also finds that while Mitt Romney’s unfavorable rating remains higher than Obama’s at 40-47, Romney may be closing the gap. Romney has gained 5 points among all adults since last week’s RNC convention in Tampa. Romney also gained 7 points among women during the same time frame in which Obama was losing women.



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