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Obama Spokeswoman: Sure, 'Incomplete' is Fine After Four Years (Romney Camp Responds)

Watch Obama spokeswoman Stephanie Cutter spin on the fly.

There are three parts to this video. There’s a funny part, when Cutter accidentally answers “No” to the question of whether an “Incomplete” grade is acceptable before recovering and blaming Bush. There’s a sad part, when Cutter gamely spins the president’s self-grade but ultimately fails. And there’s a scary part, at the end when Cutter says of President Obama’s record, “He’s not done yet.”


More than ever, we really need to see Barack Obama’s college transcripts. Did he “Incomplete” himself through college?

Update: The Romney camp responds. In a statement released today, Andrea Saul says “Four years ago, President Obama promised to slow the rise of the oceans and heal the planet. Now, according to the Obama campaign, ‘incomplete’ is a perfectly fine grade for his economic performance. If he can’t even give himself a passing grade, why would the American people give him another four years?”

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