(UPDATED: The 'Replace Biggs With Steinberg' Drive) Jason Biggs: My Doppelganger Goes Full Bigot

UPDATED: Customer pressure appears to be mounting on Nickelodeon, Biggs’ current employer — he is the voice of Leonardo on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. (Interesting fact: I briefly worked for Nickelodeon in my twenties, and a confused intern actually thought Jason Biggs was the new Administrative Assistant.)


So — I’m in, I don’t want to go down with this ship. The “Replace Biggs With Steinberg!” movement commences now. Any readers able to design some t-shirts?


In certain lighting and following a reasonably stiff drink, strangers start to inform me that I look like that actor who had erotic relations with an apple pie. This has resulted in a few evenings of fun for me over the years, as when we notice people whispering “is that the guy?” and pointing in dark restaurants, my wife and I pretend to be having an emotional conversation about a wayward friend named “Stifler”.

After last night’s performance, this is not a person I ever wish to be associated with, even mistakenly. He revealed himself to be a classic jerk, a careless, dehumanizing, misogynist bigot pushing the worst sort of Leftist demonization. Twitchy has compiled the filth to read; I’d rather not repost it here. But you should see it, if only for a glimpse at what a Hollywood Leftist feels he can safely get away with if the target is conservatives or Christians.


My guess is even Hollywood will respond negatively to this — but only for the misogyny. Perhaps Biggs will be needing a new agent by this evening. I’ll be at home, dyeing my hair.


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