RNC Host is Top Dem Foe in 'War on Women' Meme

The Republican National Convention is deploying the House’s No. 1 warrior against the Democrats’ “war on women” meme to set the theme of the convention each night.


Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash.), vice-chairwoman of the House Republican Conference and the top-ranking GOP woman in the House, is serving as the convention’s official host.

She’ll be speaking every evening to set the theme for that night’s speeches.

As one of the country’s most powerful Republican women, the selection as convention host gives a strong indication that McMorris Rodgers will be considered a key party player well into the future. Her name was floated on some lists as a potential vice presidential pick.

“As the Democrats keep talking about a ‘war on women,’ the biggest reason they haven’t gained any traction on this issue – according to polls – is that it only reminds women about what they don’t like about ObamaCare,” she said in March. “And as women look at this entire controversy more closely, what they see isn’t Republicans trying to undermine women’s health, it’s that Democrats are trying to scare American women. But what American women really find scary are the president’s policies.”


McMorris Rodgers is Washington state chairwoman of the Romney campaign and told PJM in April that she thinks the race to get women voters will be closer than polls suggest.

“The issues that are impacting women are the same issues that are impacting Americans,” she said. “Those are the issues that Obama is going to be judged on. As much as Romney can talk about those issues, he’s going to appeal more.”


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