Law Professor Becomes Unhinged at Tea Party Event

A professor from the University of Toledo College of Law lost it yesterday at a election integrity conference in Ohio sponsored by True the Vote.

Professor Ben Davis first targeted speaker Anita Moncrief, a contributor here at PJ Media.  From Mediatrackers:


Prof. Davis, who is black, bombarded Ms. MonCrief, who is also black, with three detailed questions in rapid succession. He asked for MonCrief’s position on letting Texas college students vote with university ID, asked whether she was in favor of early in-person voting on the weekends, and asked whether she opposed race-baiting from individuals of all political persuasions.

MonCrief explained that she was unfamiliar with the particulars of the Texas policy he asked about, and as she began to explain her opposition to the liberal demand for lax early voting rules – which Prof. Davis apparently shares with Ohio unions and Democrats – Davis proceeded to scream at her.

The Ohio event was sponsored by True the Vote and designed to train poll watchers how to legally observe November elections.  The Left is frightened that poll watchers will deter illegal behavior in the polls such as rampant forced assistance, and are therefore engaged in an all out and defamatory war to smear the effort.  Davis’ presence was part of that effort.

Davis then turned his attack on Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch:


During a question and answer session following remarks from Tom Fitton, the president of D.C. conservative nonprofit Judicial Watch, Prof. Davis initiated another brief shouting match. After Fitton discussed Judicial Watch efforts to help True the Vote force state officials to maintain accurate voter listings, Davis again tried to smear True the Vote as racist, alluding to the 19th-century law cited in the blog post above.

Professor Davis’ behavior at a group of law abiding citizens who seek to help the electoral process is part of a nationwide hysteria from folks ranging from Rachel Maddow to the SEIU.  Law professors are the latest to join in the hysteria – replete with rude and angry disruptions of public events.  One wonders what they are so afraid of, what might election monitors discover that merits such hysteria?


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