Will the Left Attack Romney for Being Insensitive to Greeks?

Mitt Romney told another joke on the stump today. Responding to some pro-Obama hecklers, Romney said:

“This is kinda like the Greek chorus in the background,” he said, referring to the protesters.

“It reminds me of Obama’s address four years ago in Denver. Remember, he was speaking in front of those Greek columns? … Everything they do reminds us of Greece and we’re not going back Greece, we’re going to get America back to being America,” he said as the crowd roared its approval.


Given how hysterical the left and the Obama campaign got over Romney’s birther joke yesterday, one wonders how they’ll attack Romney for comparing the president to the Greeks.

Or perhaps they’ll go after him for his cultural insensitivity by bringing up the superiority of drama in Western Civilization as opposed to, say Gabonese tone poems, or Himalayan sand art.

Maybe they’ll get their panties in a twist over disrespecting the Greek people by pointing out their economy is in the toilet and Obama’s policies are making us more like them every day.

They might even accuse him of hurting the travel industry by saying “we’re not going back to Greece.”

I think the most likely line of attack will be accusing Romney of not caring about working people. Those Greek columns in Denver were built by the Middle Class and for Romney not to include them shows his callousness toward those who aren’t as rich as he is.


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