Gallup: Gender Gap Unchanged Over Past Four Months

A new Gallup poll out today shows the gender gap between supporters of President Obama and Mitt Romney virtually unchanged from four months ago.

Fifth percent of men surveyed picked Romney as opposed to 42 percent of women choosing the Republican, while Obama got the support of 50 percent of women and 42 percent of men.


The numbers are unchanged for Romney in comparison to the same tracking four months ago, while Obama gained one point among women.

Six percent of male Republicans and female Republicans support Obama, while eight percent of male Democrats and six percent of female Democrats support Romney.

The gender gap spans all age groups, but the youngest and oldest subsets had the widest gap: 63 percent of women aged 18-29 support Obama, while 59 percent of men 65 and older back Romney.

College graduate women are evenly split between Obama and Romney, but the gap shoots up 30 points in favor of Obama when weighing the preference of women with post-graduate education.


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