'Stop Snitching' -- Blogosphere, Rest of the World Finally Notice Story We Reported Weeks Ago

PJ Tatler, August 7, 2012: Obama to Hold Fundraiser with ‘Stop Snitching’ NBA Figure

Weekly Standard, August 22, 2012: Obama Fundraises with Maker of Pro-Drugs ‘Stop Snitchin’ Video


Both the original story and the remake are about Baltimore native Carmelo Anthony. He was in an underground video that circulated on the streets of Baltimore back in 2004. That video carried a pro-drug and anti-law enforcement message. Its point was to intimidate people who had information on drug dealers. It threatened such “snitches” with death. Carmelo Anthony is in that video.

The President of the United States is having a fundraiser with Anthony, as we reported to a background track of crickets back on August 7.

A fair media might ask, what kind of message does it send for the President of These United States to host a high dollar fundraiser with someone who featured in a pro-drug terror video?


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