Dems Won't Disclose Donors to Their 'People's Convention'

“The People’s Convention.” That’s what the Democrats are calling the DNC convention this year. Following the Obama campaign’s use of the socialist-inspired “Forward” as his campaign slogan, the Democrats have gone full communist on their messaging (and you never go full communist).


What do I mean by that?

The communist People’s Republic of China calls its military The People’s Liberation Army. The people have little actual power in that one-party state, and the army is not truly the people’s to control. It’s not a force for their liberation, rather, it’s a force of oppression.

During the Cold War, the communists controlled the People’s Republic of Hungary, the People’s Republic of Czechoslovakia, the People’s Republic of Albania, the People’s Republic of Bulgaria, the People’s Republic of Poland, and the Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia, to name a few.

North Korea’s official name: The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, or DPRK for short. It is neither democratic nor people-focused nor a republic. They at least got the geography right.

The more a movement features “The People’s This” or “The People’s That,” the less respect it seems to lend to actual people and their individual liberties. People’s Republics tend to be opaque oligarchies.

Ergo, the ObamaCare Democrats and their “People’s Convention,” which will hide the president’s true beliefs, and will fail to honestly disclose who is putting the show on. Power to the people! Just don’t tell them anything.


The party that claims to be of the people will not be letting the people know who contributes to its national convention this year.

In its marketing materials, the party promises that the “people’s convention,” set to begin Sept. 3 in Charlotte, will be the “most open and accessible ever.” But the names of donors, some of whom are giving up to $100,000, will remain secret until federal disclosure documents are filed Oct. 15, six weeks after the festivities have ended, when public attention will have shifted to Election Day.

Transparency…just as soon as it can’t do any harm.

So…how much of the bill is George Soro$ footing for “The People’s Convention”?



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