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Rewind 2010: Top US Islamic cleric says Jews make matzos from blood of Christian children

One of the lead articles linked on the Drudge Report today is a story by Adam Kredo at the Washington Free Beacon on a recent statement by top Saudi cleric Salman al-Odeh declaring the Holocaust was “exaggerated” and that Jews make their Passover matzos with the blood of Christian children:

But before we begin wagging our fingers at such outrageous stone-age beliefs it bears worth mentioning that the same blood libel views have been preached by top US Islamic clerics as well.

For example, take this appearance by Fiqh Council of North American member Salah Sultan in March 2010 saying the exact same thing:

Oh, did I mention that Dr. Sultan is my former neighbor, and that this signatory to the Fiqh Council’s 2005 “anti-terrorism” fatwa has recently appeared with several designated terrorists?

HT: Both videos were translated by the indispensable MEMRITV.

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