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Radicalism in Obamaland

Quin Hillyer details four evidences of racialism in the Obama administration. It’s worth a read, and worth passing to anyone who still thinks Obama is benign or has even been good for race relations.

Here’s one case in point:

The third recent example, this one quite explicit, of racialist approaches came Monday when the administration filed a brief in the pending Supreme Court case of Fisher v. University of Texas, in which the Obama team supported the school’s use of racial preferences in admissions decisions. It argues, bizarrely, that this serves not just the interests of diversity in general but also that it is vital for the military’s recruiting needs in drawing on a “racially and ethnically diverse range of graduates who are prepared to lead a multiracial force.” This is poppycock. And as three members of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights have noted, ample social science research shows that racial preferences lead to minorities graduating, and succeeding in their intended professions, at lower rates than they otherwise would if they attended less selective schools for which their prior training had well prepared them.

Facts? What are those to the king of the community-based reality?