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President Obama Ignores Family Research Council Shooting (Update)

Reports indicate that the Family Research Council came under attack today due to its politics. So far, it appears that the 28-year-old male shooter had posed as an intern to gain entrance to the building in which the FRC is headquartered. He opened fire, wounding a guard and another individual, and was wrestled to the ground. The Federal Bureau of Investigations is treating the incident as an act of domestic terrorism, because the assailant was shouting about the FRC’s conservative social policies during the incident.

Presumed Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney reacted quickly, long before most cable news networks even reported the crime, releasing a statement condemning the act. The Human Rights Council, which just a day ago labeled the FRC a “hate group” for its traditional values, even tweeted that its hearts went out to the FRC.

But a look at President Obama’s twitter timeline shows no reaction to the attack at all.

Since the attack, the president has called Romney’s and running mate Paul Ryan’s honesty into question, has declared that he is still “fired up,” and described Republican plans as “snake oil.” But the president has not reacted to the Family Research Council shooting.

The attack on the FRC comes after several days of unrest at presumed Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan’s campaign appearances. Anti-Republican protesters have even tried to crash the stage when Ryan was speaking in Iowa. President Obama has been silent about these attempts to embarrass and silence Ryan.

Update: It took him about four hours, but the president finally said “violence has no place in our society” to the press pool this afternoon.

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