Ryan Reality Check

My ultra-liberal sister lives in Paul Ryan’s Congressional district in Wisconsin, so naturally I was curious to hear her take on the newly minted Romney-Ryan team.


As expected, I got an earful of Democratic talking points. However, what she said should not be downplayed or laughed at because you will hear these anti-Ryan arguments ad nauseum from now until November.

So here are her direct quotes and Romney supporters must be ready to answer these arguments.

“Romney was so stupid to pick Ryan.”

“Romney was pressured by the right wing to choose Ryan.”

“Romney made a risky, risky choice.”

“I do not see Ryan as presidential.”

“All the negatives about Ryan are ready to go after him.”

“Where are the pluses (for Ryan) I do not see any.”

“The race now will be all about the Ryan budget.”

“His budget adds to the deficit in 20 years.”

“Ryan wants to cut Meals on Wheels and school lunch programs.”

“All Ryan will do is cut entitlements without raising tax revenue.”


“Romney will lose even bigger now in Wisconsin.”

“Even the Catholic hierarchy is against Ryan.”

Now from the Republican camp, a friend of mine who knows Ryan very well says that with Ryan on the ticket, “The campaign will be about serious issues.” He also told me that “Ryan is a no BS kind of guy and will stay on message.”

Yup, but will “staying on message” feed into what my sister now says the race will be all about — the Ryan budget — to the detriment of the GOP?  She is sure that Ryan as VP is really bad news for Mitt Romney and all Republicans.

Only time will tell if my left-wing sister is right.


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