Ohio Dem: Jim Crow has 'Packed His Bags and He's Moved North'

An Ohio state senator said that limiting early-voting hours there to 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays will leave predominantly urban areas having to “beg to vote.”


“And it is absolutely shameful that Jim Crow has been resurrected in this country and particularly the state of Ohio,” Nina Turner (D-Ohio) said on MSNBC last night. “He’s packed his bags and he’s moved north. He’s in Ohio, he’s in Pennsylvania, he’s making repeat performances in Florida.”

Turner said that the early-voting hours are inconvenient for people working two or three jobs.

“What is the cost of the state of Ohio returning to the debacle of 2004?” she said of blocked Democratic efforts to expand the voting hours. “Yes, there will be a cost to holding clean and fair elections, but that is a cost worth paying.”

“I will tell you in Cuyahoga county in 2008, 56 percent of the early in person voting were by African-Americans. So, you tell me what is going on here. Call it what it is,” Turner added. “…My Republican colleagues are stuck on stupid and dazzled by dumb.”


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