West: Challenge to Ohio Early Voting a 'Back-Handed Slap' from Obama to Military

Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) defended the restriction of three days of early voting in the critical swing-state of Ohio to military, saying “there’s more of a sense of desperation in the Obama campaign than a lot of people are leading to believe” in the administration’s lawsuit to extend the voting days to all.


“I don’t think you have many civilians in the state of Ohio that could possibly be 8,000 or 9,000 feet altitude and probably last night in Afghanistan be involved in a firefight or some type of night patrol. I don’t think you have many civilians that are stationed in the Horn of Africa or going on some type of special operations mission,” West said last night on Fox.

“So if we have a president and we have his campaign cronies that don’t see the specialness of the service that these guardians of our liberty and truly America’s honor are making out there for us, then I don’t think they understand what it means to serve in this United States military.”

West said absentee ballots were available for those who want to vote early.

“Don’t say that we need to have everyone just the same as the military because what you’re asking the military to do is above and beyond what everyone else is doing,” he said.


“And I will tell you that this is a continuing episode because we have a president that early in his administration talked about our wounded warriors, they should go out and get private health insurance! So this is a theme that has occurred where it seems that our military gets a back-handed slap,” West added.


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