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Stephanie Cutter Tweets the Shark on Mitt's Taxes

Obama spokesmodel Stephanie Cutter is now tripling down on a lie. The very same say that PolitiFact rated Harry Reid “Pants On Fire” for saying that some guy told him that Romney didn’t pay taxes for 10 years, along comes Cutter with this tweet.

I didn’t even bother clicking on her link. What’s the point? Notice in the tweet that Cutter is just flinging poo — “might have.” This is supposed to be credible?

The last time Cutter engaged in this smear, she had to admit that she and Reid and her entire party have bupkis on Romney’s taxes. They got nothin’.

There’s no defending what the Obama campaign is doing here. They’re having Cutter join attacks which have no basis in fact and cannot be credibly defended. There’s also no denying that Reid’s smear was coordinated with the DNC and the Obama campaign. The campaign has been lying about that over the past few days.

What we have here is a campaign without a shred of ethics or honor. The man at the top has lived a tissue of lies his entire life. As far as he’s concerned, what’s one more lie? He’ll just have someone pile on another lie tomorrow. One day they’re accusing Romney of being a bully, that didn’t work, so let’s move up and accuse him of murder. Does it matter that the woman died seven years after Romney left the company, and does it matter than an Obama bundler is the guy who shut down GST Steel and caused the man to lose his health insurance? Does it matter that if the man had lost his job now, Obama’s plan would force him to buy insurance at his own expense or pay a pointless fine to the government? Nah. Truth is an inconvenience to Obama, and has been his entire adult life.

As a former comms guy myself, though, I really don’t know how the people around him do what they do in his service without feeling dirty every minute of the day.

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