So Now That We Have Mitt Romney's Freshman Report Card, Where Are Obama's Transcripts?

Another great scoop for the Sideboob Gazette! Fresh from delivering Nancy Pelosi’s feelings about Harry Reid’s magical tax source to the world, the HuffPost tells us that as a high school freshman, Mitt Romney was pretty smart but not all that focused on some of his studies.


Mitt was, in other words, a boy. Shocka!

We still don’t know what sort of student President Choom was, though.

Those interested in comparing the presidential candidates’ early academic records will be disappointed, however.

President Obama attended Punahou School in Honolulu and graduated in 1979, but his transcripts have not been released.

Using the patented logic of Harry Reid, Obama hasn’t released his transcripts because he didn’t do any of his schoolwork during those years. If that’s true, how did Barry get into all those fancy universities? And how did he stay in those universities without flunking out?


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