Cheney: I Swore Obama in to the Senate, Then He 'Disappeared' for Two Years

Vice President Dick Cheney gave his thoughts about President Obama’s “undistinguished” career in politics before ascending to the Oval Office on Fox’s Hannity last night.


After explaining why he didn’t think Sen. John McCain’s (R-Ariz.) vetting process for VP in 2008 picked the person most qualified to step into the role of president, he was asked whether Obama was prepared to become president.

“Not by the standards that I would apply,” Cheney said. “I think if you look at President Obama’s background, he served a couple of terms, undistinguished terms in the Illinois State Senate, missed a lot of votes, ran for the House of Representatives once and got beat, and then ran for senator from Illinois, and his opponent withdrew partway through the race because somebody had leaked some information on a divorce proceeding.”

As vice president, Cheney swore in Obama when he came to the Senate.

“And then he disappeared for two years. Never heard anything of him while he was a member of the United States Senate. And then all of a sudden he’s running for president,” the former veep said. “I mean, that was sort of the sum total of his, quote, ‘experience.’ And he obviously ran a good campaign, was able to defeat Hillary Clinton. That’s not an easy task, but I was — you know, if I were to apply the standards that I’ve talked about, you want in a running mate, Barack Obama didn’t meet that test.”


Cheney also elaborated on his decision not to go to the Republican National Convention this month.

“And as a delegate from Wyoming, and as a vice presidential candidate, once you’ve done all of that, to go back now, with no role, I mean, what would I do?” he said. “Sit in the gallery and watch? You can see it on television.”


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