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Virginia Board of Elections Meets Today on VPC Mailings

The Virginia State Board of Elections meets today to discuss voter registration mailings sent out en masse by the Voter Participation Center. The VPC, which calls itself non-partisan but is run by and funded by partisan left wing Democrats, has sent out about 5 million voter registration forms in Virginia and 27 other states. Those forms come with some personal information already filled in, and have caused widespread confusion among voters. One VPC form is known to have led directly to a voter fraud case and conviction.

The Romney campaign asked for the Virginia attorney general to investigate in July, but procedurally, the Board of Elections has to meet and then vote unanimously to request that the attorney general investigate. Today’s meeting could trigger such an investigation.

The VPC’s forms have caused concerns in many states, including Texas. I spoke with Cheryl Johnson, the tax assessor-collector in Galveston, TX when stories about the VPC first came to light. According to Johnson, the Voter Participation Center’s forms in her county seem designed to create confusion, and to pad the voter rolls with a number of voters who do not exist. The VPC’s forms will go to real people at their real addresses, but with slightly misspelled names. If the forms are returned to voter registrars and get filed as legitimate forms, then a new and non-existent voter could be created. Johnson said that the Texas secretary of state’s office is aware of the VPC’s forms and is concerned about them.

h/t Disrupt the Narrative