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Why I Will Place a Romney Sticker on my Car

I read with interest Myra Adams’ post stating that she is afraid to put a Romney sticker on her car:

Yesterday at a political gathering I picked up my first Romney campaign bumper sticker. It actually says Romney Believe in America and even though I support Governor Romney, I am afraid to place it on my car.

Thinking that I was being a bit too paranoid, I asked some other Romney supporters and they agreed with me; displaying a Romney bumper sticker was just too dangerous.

Other commenters here at PJM (!) were agreeing with her:

You should be afraid. I won’t put political stickers on my car. I don’t want it vandalized. I live in the People’s Republik of Madison, WI.

That’s not an irrational concern. I wouldn’t put a Republican sticker on my car nor sign in my yard. I see plenty of people still with Obama stickers on their cars or wearing his clothes and given the attitudes described above, it’s not worth tempting fate. I’ll express my views in the polls where it counts.

Seriously, WTF? When Bush was running for his second term, no one had a Bush sticker on their car, so I found a stack of them and slapped one on the back of my car, and passed the rest out to others who said they were afraid. I kept it there for five years, even after Obama became president. Other people told me at that time it wasn’t safe. I say “bullshit.”

What isn’t safe is being so fearful that you will not take a stand to turn this country around and are willing to hide out. Screw that. The next Romney sticker I find goes on my car.

Is there anyone else out there who feels the same way? If so, stand with me and dare to put a Romney sticker on your car.

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