Rahm Emanuel Pirouettes: 'I'll leave Solyndra to you, I'm going to focus on the children of Chicago'

And keep dangerously delicious chicken sandwiches out of their hands!

Chicago “values include letting anti-Semites with a history of violence patrol Chicago’s streets vigilante style” Mayor Rahm Emanuel was asked about his role in the Solyndra scandal on local radio today. He tried deflecting.


Mayor Rahm Emanuel said, “You know, Bill, I’m opening schools, I’m cutting the deficit in half, the city of Chicago is leading in job creation in the country…I’ll leave Solyndra to you, I’m going to focus on the children of Chicago.”

Last time the mayor “focused on the children of the city of Chicago” was a couple of weeks ago, when he appealed to gang banger murderers’ “values.”

Chicago’s murder rate remains out of control. Emanuel’s obvious defensiveness in the audio clip linked above has me dreaming of a perp walk for the overbearing mayor. He sounds like someone who really may have something to hide.

For now, I would like for one reporter somewhere to ask Mayor Emanuel one simple question: Why does Louis Farrakhan represent Chicago values enough to allow him to have his followers patrol Chicago’s streets, but Dan Cathy is so repugnant that Emanuel wants to ban his business from Chicago? Both Farrakhan and Cathy oppose same-sex marriage. So what’s the difference?


I’m sure Emanuel would try the “focus on the kids” deflection again, but the audio or video of him  squirming would be gold.

As for Rahm Emanuel’s role in Solyndra, well, it was apparently his genius idea to invest half a billion taxpayer dollars in a business whose leaders thought Washington, DC is a giant bank.


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