If Sen. Bob Casey Had a Superpower, It Would Be Invisibility

Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) won his seat in the US Senate because of his last name: Casey is a revered name in his home state of Pennsylvania. The current Sen. Casey did nothing to gold-plate the family name, though. It comes from his late father Robert, the outspokenly pro-life Democrat who was governor fro 1987 to 1995.


What has the younger Casey done with his time in the Senate? Well, he has sponsored 324 bills, none of which have become law.

Casey must be aware that he is the Invisible Senator. Check out what he had his staff post on his own web site today.

“Sen. Robert P. Casey Jr., seldom seen, rarely heard…back in the news” because “it’s an election year.” Invisible and ineffective. While Pennsylvania’s coal industry suffers under Obama’s onerous EPA regulations, where has Casey been? Seldom seen, rarely heard… In most jobs, such dereliction is grounds for dismissal.

Wait, the allegedly pro-life senator did cast one important vote. He helped pass ObamaCare with its job-killing regulations and its conscience-violating abortifacient mandate. So there’s that.


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