Chick-fil-A Kiss-In, Hollywood: The Pictures

[UPDATE: Many new photos have now been added since this post was first made. Scroll down to see them all!]

Ringo of Ringo’s Pictures is at the Chick-fil-A in Hollywood this evening, documenting the “kiss-in” of gay marriage supporters to protest statements by Chick-fil-A’s owners.


But you know about that already. What you want is the pictures, and Ringo’s got the goods!

Check out Ringo’s Facebook page for more images and for a fuller report (hopefully tomorrow).

Meanwhile, here are the breaking pictures, taken just a short time ago:
[Credit all photos to Ringo of]

Good way to win converts to your cause: “Jesus Is a Cunt.

I had gay sex at Chick-fil-A.

Let the kiss-in commence!

My name is Barack Obama, and I’m not yet sure if I approve of this message.

Meanwhile, some Chick-fil-A supporters looked askance at the protesters out on the sidewalk. The guy on the right is doing his best to act casual and observe Chick-fil-A Indifference Day.

Not sloppy enough. More sloppiness!

I’m not sure if this guy is trying to mock polygamy because it is historically associated with Mormonism, or if he is a polyamorous hipster who really truly loves polygamy. The modern world is so confusing!

Things became absolutely fabulous as evening began to fall.

Note the woman on the far left side of the picture, holding a sign that says…

…”Eat More Carpet.” Is this a carpet-munching protest, or a kiss-in?


Some guy showed up dressed as Jesus. I’m not sure whether he was a Christian counter-protester, or a protester mocking Christianity. Hopefully Ringo will clarify matters in his final report on Ringo’s Pictures.

This sign is meant to mock the “God Hates Fags” sign of Westboro Baptist Church. Gay activists often reference the Westboro signs, and intentionally conflate the virulently anti-gay sentiments of the Fred Phelps clan with any opposition to same sex marriage, completely unaware that conservatives despise the Westboro Baptist Church even more than liberals do.

“Freaking out the squares” is the goal: mission accomplished!

The protesters weren’t disruptive — but the media was!

At a Hollywood Chick-fil-A, Police Called To Escort Disruptive Protestors From Premises
Did I Say Disruptive Protestors? I Meant Disruptive Media


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