What We Learned from @OWS and @ChickFilA: A Photo Essay of Left and Right Protests

When liberals protest, they violate private property rights by “occupying” other people’s property.

They don’t respect themselves, other people, or the police.


When the left protests, robberies and rapes follow, and covering up those rapes and robberies follows that.

When the left protests, the trash does not get picked up.

When the left protests, capitalism is attacked.

And the streets get violent.

When the left protests, offense is the intent.

President Obama identified himself with the left’s protesters and occupiers, telling them “You are the reason I ran for office.” Their values are his values.

When the right protests, the trash leaves with the protesters.

Patience rules, and along with it, respect for other people’s property and persons.

When the right protests, rather than attack capitalism, they help generate profits.



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