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CNN Regrets That You're Offended That It Called Sarah Palin 'Stupid'

CNN says that its opening a segment on Sarah Palin with “Stupid Girls” was a “poor choice.” Which means it wasn’t an accident, right? It was a choice, albeit a poor one.

“The music selection was a poor choice and was not intended to be linked to any news story,” a CNN spokesperson told The Hollywood Reporter. “We regret any perception that they were planned together.”

Some other blogs have characterized this as an apology, but if it is an apology, I don’t see the apologizing. It was, by CNN’s statement, a “poor choice” not “intended” to be linked to any “news story,” which says nothing at all about linking it to a person. It further regrets the “perception” — but not the fact — that “they were planned together.”

Look, I was the technical producer on a radio show that was at the time the most complex talk show on the air. That was the Laura Ingraham Show. Sound seldom happened by accident on that show. We used music to put people down or give them the business as a matter of course; it was part of the show.

That song did not happen on that segment on CNN by accident. Their own statement sneakily gives that fact away. Now watch the segment. It goes straight from “Stupid Girls” to a silly looking photo of Palin. Entirely intentional. CNN should just own the tactic, admit it’s a liberal station that puts conservatives down when it isn’t boring us to death and move on. Weaselly non-apology apologies just insult everyone’s intelligence.