NPR Host: Romney's Poland Trip Is Racially Motivated

National Public Radio’s Cokie Roberts just nuked the fridge.

LINDA WERTHEIMER, HOST: So today is Poland. Why is he stopping in Poland. What does he hope to accomplish with that?

Cokie Roberts: Well, I think part of it was a desire to portray President Obama as something of a wimp, and say he’s abandoned Eastern Europe. But look, you remember well the Reagan Democrats. Those ethnic white voters who had been Democrats for many years; turned out for Ronald Reagan, and have been fairly predictable Republicans since then. Now it’s a smaller percentage of the population — of the voting population — than it used to be, but white voters are still much more Republican than any other group in the electorate. They went for McCain in 2008 by 55%. And I think that getting those ethnic voters excited is really what Romney has in mind here. It’s more for the folks at home — the descendents of the people that he will be speaking to — in Poland.


Right. Going to Poland has nothing to do with shoring up an alliance that Obama has ruptured with his missile shield deal or his promised “flexibility” to the Russians. Going to Poland has nothing to do with acknowledging the role that country and its lion Lech Walesa played in freeing the world from the sort of ideologies that Obama at least doesn’t mind, if he won’t often openly support them. It has nothing to do with burnishing Mitt Romney’s foreign policy credentials and showing him as a plausible president. Poland is full of white people, so in Cokie Roberts’ mind, Mitt Romney’s trip there is racist.

Vermont is also full of white people. Democrats own the state, so…

Cokie Roberts’ seeing racism in this trip is evidence that she is a racist. It’s also evidence that she is using her national, taxpayer-funded perch to follow the DemMSM script, which is to use every opportunity to paint Romney, his campaign and his supporters as racists who only oppose Obama because of his race.



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